Photographed by Adrienne Butcher; MUHA: Anna Fugate

Josephine McAdam is a half French, half Scottish actress who got her BFA in acting at the University of Texas currently living in Los Angeles. She has worked under the tutelage of Richard Robichaux, studying Meisner, and Toni Brock & Sally Allen perfecting her acting technique. This training has served her in many short films, feature films, webseries & commercials. Most notable of these Josephine plays the female lead in Hard Reset which will be having an LA screening this summer and won the prestigious Lumiere Award from the Advanced Imaging Society; she was recurring in HBO’s The Leftovers season 2 and starred in The Honor Farm (post). As well as acting her entire life Josephine has trained in various martial arts and weapons. She speaks fluent French, stemming from her multi-cultural background and having lived and traveled all over the world.

Works currently in post-production: The Honor Farm and Buttercup (short).